The first answer to a x-team and my career story


During my application process to x-team I have written a lot about myself. And decided to publish this texts after process was finished.

1. I have 6 years of experience, mostly with PHP as a backend software developer. My strong and deep specialization is backend, which includes a design of a good architecture, usage of OOP and Design patterns. I’m very interested in software development and always trying to go deeper here by reading books. You can check my books recommendation list and my profile at StackOverflow.
I used to with MySQL a lot, but last 2 years I prefer PostgreSQL.
Usually, I’m using different service for cache (Memcached, ) and queues (RabbitMQ) and etc. during the work. Also, I’m good in using and integrating external APIs and creating my own.
I like to write projects with DDD and Hexagonal architecture in mind.
Also, I have touched HTML+CSS and JavaScript during the work. Even learned Angular v1, but hadn’t a chance to use it in a project yet.
I have learned node.js, but have the same story as with Angular with it. :)
In last 2 years, I have learned Java and Spring framework to a Junior-Middle level, just because I like this language. And I have tried game development for by tutorials.
I’m interested in development for Telegram and different platforms. My last 2 side projects still in progress now. I’m using php7 and ZF3 here.

2. In a long time what is really mean, is a project code and architecture. The code should be clean, well commented, understandable, will be able for scaling. In an ideal world, the code should be well tested, but we are not live in the ideal world. Sometimes there is not enough time for tests.
I like Agile methodology, like to use Trello board (a bit of kanban) and tools like Basecamp, Jira.

3. I will duplicate link to SO here and will add more.

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn. :)

4. My availability right now is only a few days. I’m actively searching for a job now. Currently, I’m in UTC+7 timezone, it’s the same as in Thailand. I’m in Krasnoyarsk, Russia now. But I have a plan to move somewhere with a family. It could be a western of Russia, closer to Europe. Or it could be some island in Indonesia, closer to Australia. I don’t know. If you want to ask me to relocate somewhere – feel free to do it. I’m open for such proposals now.

5. At my previous job, when I came to the project, I didn’t know anything about DDD methodology and Hexagonal architecture. And I haven’t experience with microservices, only a bit with SOA.
There was a developer very proficient in all this staff. He became my hero and a role model. 3 month after our work together he left. And I was able to replace him because at this time I have learned all the practical stuff from him. It was hard to absorb, but I did it. Later I have read a book about DDD and worked with him as a part-time dev on his main job project, remotely. And became much better in architecture.
This story demonstrates, that I’m able to learn fast a big, complex and quite abstract things and use them. :)
Sorry, I can’t provide a code because it was a commercial project.

If things go wrong I’m starting to panic.. :)) Just joking.
Seriously, I’m trying to use a quick solution and if it’s not possible, I’m trying to analyze a problem and resolve it. I don’t like stressful situations, like when a server goes down and the project doesn’t work anymore. But In stressful situations, I found myself very concentrating and I use all my reserves to solve a problem.

I believe, that it’s better to not s… (bad things) happen at all. It’s better to analyze possible problems before they occur. And design a fallback behavior in advance. It’s not always obvious and could be predicted, but a good developer should pay attention to details.
I hope I have answered all the questions. Thank’s a lot for an opportunity to be a part of the X-Team! :)

Will wait for a reply soon and for further steps.