The third answer to a x-team with tech details


Then they asked me to write more tech details about my previous jobs. Why I’m sharing all these answers? Because I have never written so many in English about myself before. And I want to use these unique texts to market myself. Also, in the end, I was rejected with a ridiculous reason and I will write about it later.

As for your next question, I have mentioned the projects from my previous jobs in my story. Here I will try to add more technical details.

I will start from a job at Rightside, telecommunication, and internet company. Here I was responsible for a company hosting service. My job was to maintain different sites of hosting clients and solving their problems.
I had here a project to develop and it was my first project in my career. It was described in the story, so I will not repeat myself here.
Also, I had here two another small projects and was able to improve my OOP skills on them. One of the projects was connected with SNMP protocol. The idea was to create a servers map with statuses in real time.
Another project was to migrate forum with a lot of users from bb forum engine to BitrixCMS forum. It should be done with preparations and fast without downtime.

Then I have changed my job to a Razlet, an air ticket sale company.
Here I have developed the main project which handles most part of the company business. I have designed and developed it from scratch with Kohana . It was mentioned in the story, that after project launch company was able to hire more devs and move to own office.
The project was a backend system which process user requests to external air ticket booking systems in real time. Here was a bit high load, because we have integrated front-end from different customers and even I have a work with new functionality for this platform and all work connected with deploy, scaling, and DB optimization was my responsibility. In this system, I have implemented integration with 5 external worldwide booking systems using APIs with different protocols like pure XML, soap, json, post requests.
At the backend, I had a multiprocess daemon based on forks. There was a big challenge to achieve fast insert into InnoDB and provide a fast answer to user requests. Also, I have integrated different payment systems such as WebMoney, uniteller, Yandex, etc.

I started to use ZF2 and for new projects and have participated in other projects in the company. It was a project like a sale system and management platform for a theater, restful API with air connected information for internal systems, unformatted air ticket parsing system with an API for an accounting system, e-commerce platform with an integration with 1C accounting system using soap protocol.

My responsibilities also included a team-leading. I was responsible for technical interviews with new candidates. I was responsible for code review and formulation of the tasks for a team.

After 3 years working in the office, I got a proposal to work remotely from a customer from Czech republic. There was a project in progress based on ZF2, Doctrine2 and DDD methodology with microservices. I have joined a team as a senior developer and was able to absorb all necessary new technologies and approaches to replace current lead developer and become a lead developer. I have fully described it in the story. The project was connected with internet ads in an adult segment. The goal was to maximize webmasters income by showing the user an ad from a broker, which will pay the most money for a user geolocation. The best broker ad to show was predicted on a background from a brokers statistics. There was a 15GB database with a statistics from 7 connected brokers using API or admin parsing. Also, it was a high load project with 10kk unique visitors per day. We were able to maintain this load and huge data analysis with MariaDB, PostgreSQL and hard caching using Memcached and Redis. Microservices were connected with help of RamminMQ (Event bus).
I want to mention an interesting problem that we faced. It was about how to set a cookie on a user browser if a cookie policy does not allow to do it. :) I was able to come up with a solution and problem was solved. Cookie was needed for a unique banner rotation business logic. We need to set it and check on a backend before showing a new popup or banner.

So, I have worked in different segments like internet and telecommunications, air ticket sales and e-commerce, internet advertisement and geotargeting. And in all these fields I have successfully solved a bunch of business problems.

I’m interested in different technologies, and not only in the web. I have tried node. and angular., have touched game development with libgdx, , I have finished a couple of courses about and spring framework. I have two side projects, it’s a telegram bot. I have learned telegram API and have used ZF3 and php7 for a backend.

You can see that I have a lot of experience with Framework but I could easily change it to Symfony or Laravel. Also, I could review Angular in a short period of time and use it.
I had answered about my desired rate per hour in one of my previous emails.

My desired rate is about 25-30$ per hour. I agree to start with this rate and will look forward to growing and raise my rates.

I hope we could move forward because I have reached stage 2 with several companies with a relocation proposals. And if it will lead to offers and we will not reach some result with you at this moment, I have to take one of them.