Possible scenario for the Warcraft 2 or 3 movie

warcraft movie

About such for the or 3 movie, I thought, or to say it more right – I dreamed, before the first movie was released, which isn’t disappointed me, but also not amused a lot. That scenario, which plays in my head, for me feels much more exciting. And I decided to put it in the blog post. What are the chances, that even translated into English, that “scenario” would have some value? :)

Teaser or trailer

Let’s begin from the trailer. Let’s imagine typical short teaser for such kind of movies. The voice behind the scene telling something usual for such teasers, like some years passed after the Horde was defeated. But Mages of Fel grown straight and after the first fault, they are looKing for the new world for one more attempt to resettle the Horde. This time Horde is outraged, it has flying gargoyles (like in the game) and ogres (fat giants, like in the game). Mages of Fel accumulated enough power, have found a suitable world and then…
We see on the screen how the red portal opens and the Horde army goes into the portal. On the other side, portal stands vertically between two mountains, and not lying on the surface like in the 1st part.
A few views quickly replacing each other and we see how the Horde fighting against Alliance soldiers, which wear blue armor. And the voice saying: “and the forces of the Alliance should fight again in order to save this innocent world …”. On the screen a battle in the air, Orks on the flying gargoyles against humans on the griffins. On the surface, several gnomes shooting and kill the ogre. The voice saying: ” … because this time the fate of all mankind is at stake …”
And unexpectedly we see the black helicopter silhouette flying over the red sunset. And that’s it. Epic and intriguing.

The beginning

And the movie begins, full cinema room of people. In the beginning, the movie will show what viewer would expect to see. The story how Fel obtains more power will be shown. And then the portal opening like in the teaser.
Next view of the Alliance side comes. The Marlin successor (it’s the young Mage from the 1st part) determined, that the Horde opens red portal again. And he even determined in which world they want to come. And he decides to stop the Horde. So, he comes to the human’s King, who lost his son in the 1st part and, like to an old friend, suggest him combine elves, gnomes and dwarfs armies into one and go beat the Horde. Then the ceremonial establishment of the Alliance shown and the leaders of all sides cross their swords (something like that).
In the Alliance negotiation and establishment process, a viewer should recognize that it’s very important for them to stop the Horde and save that world. And viewer would think it’s because they want to stop Fel spreading and etc.
And finally Mages (except dwarfs, they don’t know magic?) open the blue portal and we see how combined Alliance armies go inside. The King flying in the portal on the griffin and say – “For the Alliance, for the humanity …”
P.S. Warcraft fans would think all the time – what the helicopter was shown in the teaser? Maybe it was gnomes helicopter like in the game? All intrigue is about that viewer wouldn’t know before the movie release and even during the first 20 minutes of the movie about the main surprise. The surprise is that all further movie events would be going in our world and time …

Our times

So, it’s clear, that viewer shouldn’t even suspect about the surprise when he will be going to the cinema. I could imagine how people would react and the cinema room will be filled with surprised voices when on the screen they would see some party going and here drunk … Trump President!

The party is going on in the big rich mansion. Here are many guests in suits and the President have fun. It would be great if an actor playing the President would look like the Tramp, at least with the same hairstyle.

It’s the middle of the party and music plays loud and everybody drinking and laughing.
3 army jeeps stop near the mansion. General wearing his uniform with soldiers convoy goes from jeeps to the mansion. They found President at the party and tell him:
– Sir, you need to follow us. It’s the red code (or U52 code, whatever).
The President starts nagging but follows the soldiers. He says that if it’s nothing serious that they would have big problems because distracting him from the party. They go out of the building and army helicopter lands behind the entrance. Now President understands, that it’s something serious and he becomes sober immediately.

P.S. At this moment everyone clearly understands what helicopter they have seen in the trailer.

President sitting inside the helicopter near General. General said:
– We are going to the main headquarters in order to plan our military response strike
President says:
– What’s happening? Russians attacked us? (haha)

In the headquarters and the first clash

Next, we see the situation in the headquarters. President (sober) walk through the chaos and blinking screens. He approaches towards the viewpoint with the biggest screen. Here a group of generals standing. President asks about the report about what is going on?
And the first reply from a navy commander is:
– Sir, it’s Orks
– What the Orks?

– Sir, today in the morning a huge strong relief of the energy were fixated near the New York City (or any big city here). First, we thought that this is an attack, but our scouting group has found something amazing. We have received only some video shots. But they are not clear because of some green fog. The scouting group hasn’t returned from the mission. They have been attacked by some green human-like creatures. They are huge and have 3 meters height. We have identified these creatures as Orks, sir.
– The problem even bigger. We have lost any connection with small cities nearby. We have suspected that these cities were destroyed, sir. All, what we know at the moment about the object now, is that it looks like a big red portal. The green fog was almost disappeared and we have sent flying drones to see what’s there. You have come in time, we will receive the first picture right now.

On on the monitor and then on the cinema screen we see pictures from a drone. We see how the big field became a building site. And Ork workers building their base. And Ork soldiers on the march. Suddenly one of the gargoyles spotted the drone and catches it. The gargoyle flying somewhere with a drone in its claws and the camera still switched on. Sometime later gargoyle drops the drone in some small town covered in green fog. Dron falls on the surface and filming like the Fel Mage riding on a rotten horse wearing black mantle. And he leading a group of rotten undead humans and skeletons.
Seems like the Undead has filled their army with the dead city citizens for the Horde…

The defeat

So, President and the generals were shocked after what they have seen. And they quickly decide to form motorized infantry group, including tanks and with the support of helicopters attack the Horde immediately. Their main task to not let the Horde enter New York City because in this case, the Horde would have a huge human resource to fill their undead army and would become unstoppable. We see how soldiers preparing for the battle. And finally, on next day morning, the strike group come on their positions for attack.
They have been met by the Horde in their battle formation. Orks on the march, they are caring catapults, Ogres are vomiting with green liquid and gargoyles flying in the sky.
Tanks making first shots, catapults making first throws and the battle begins.

It is possible to make the battle scene 20-30 minutes long and with cool special effects. Just imagine how soldiers fire their whole ammo in Orks, but Orks injured still capable to reach the soldiers and smash them. One of the tanks hit the Ogre and it falls with the hole in its body. The second Ogre lost its hand, but with the mace in one hand, he smashes the tank. Ogres turn over the motorized infantry. After that, the undead comes into the battle and killing soldiers unstoppable. Killed soldiers immediately resurrected like new undead by the Fel Mage.

Helicopters now on the firing positions and start firing rockets. Some successful hits killing Orks, Ogres and destroys few catapults. The Mages of Fel release the green beams from the surface and several helicopters destroyed. The trolls (yeah, I forgot about them,  they are in the Horde of course), throws their pikes but missing. And then gargoyles finishing with the last helicopters.

The rest of the soldiers, who survived, lost their minds and running away.
The President in desperation gives an order to burn all battlefield with napalm (with the rest of the soldiers)

Air fighters clear the way from gargoyles for the bombers. And bombers throwing napalm bombs on the battlefield.
But the Mages of Fel create some green barriers and shields and the Horde remains almost untouched.
Only the undead army was filled with new dead soldiers and now they are all heading towards the New Ork (yeah, it’s not a typo).

In the headquarters now discouragement feels in the air. The army was destroyed and generals talking about requesting help from other countries, even from Russians.
But the President comes with another idea. He decides to evacuate the New York and after that make the nuclear strike on the Horde and on the red portal. Militaries against this idea, but they accept it. The evacuation begins.

And who is this?

(viewers though they have seen all epic battles already? nope)

We see the headquarters again. The President sits in the chair and looks disappointed. Militaries do their job, phones ringing, screens blinks.
Some soldier runs to the Generals group:
– Sir!!! We have a very important report. We just have detected new energy splash, with the same straight, northern of the New York. We have sent drones already to check it.

Everyone stand up and go to the main screen. Here we see the view from the drone.
On the screen we see light blue portal standing near the forest which has round shape (the Horde has red rectangular portal). Nobody came out of it still.
A drone flying close to the portal and everybody stares at the screen nervously. And unexpectedly the rider on the griffin flies out of the portal with a fast speed and hits the drone with the hammer right into the camera. The drone destroyed.

Everyone disappointed in the headquarters. Because of the quick speed of the griffin rider and because he attacked the drone everyone decides that this is the same Horde forces coming from the other side. They decide to not send scouts again.

Now the blue portal on the screen and we see how the Alliance army coming out of it. Alliance workers carrying carts with supplies. Human, elves, gnomes and dwarf soldiers on the march. Griffin riders patrolling in the air.
On the surface two workers have a conversation:
– It’s good, that this world has the forest, we could build our base. – Again to work?

In the air on the griffin flying the King with the Master Mage near him. They are lending on the hill and look around. They see the highway on the horizon with cars on it. They also see high buildings of the city on the horizon. The Mage tells to the King:
– I have detected the Fel to the south of our position. I feel it very well and it means that there is a lot of Fel.
The King reply with something like:
– Seems like in this world humans living, like us. They don’t know the magic, like our dwarfs. And their technology is stronger than dwarfen. But without the magic, they are defenseless against the Fel. From the near city size, we could imagine how much people live inside. And if the Horde Fel Mages would get all these resources as new undead – we are hopeless. We must save these people.

We see how workers starting to build the base.
The King gives an order to prepare scouting group of elves and decides to go with them to the south in order to scout the Horde forces. The Mage has left as the temporary head.

The scouting group with the King goes into the forest. And the Mage standing on the hill alone, looking at the city and spots some smoke on the city sites.
– Are we too late?…

The new hope

On the screen, we see the New York city countrysides and first Orks and Undead already there. In some houses people trying to hide, because they decided to no leave. Undead break in the houses and kill the people. And the Mages of Fel have more work to do… There is a sound of shooting everywhere. It’s last survived army soldiers trying to stop the Horde, or at least slow them down, to let more people leave the city. Evacuation still in process because of traffic jams on the roads.
For headquarters it’s become obvious that nuclear strike will cover the city also, the Horde is too close already. The soldiers fight with their last strength… and became new Undead.

Now in the middle of the viewer attention, there is a group of Special Forces, trying to clear their way through the slum. They managed to kill the ogre with one good RPG shot, and they are happy. But after that gargoyle catches one of the soldiers and tried to fly away with him. Gargoyle is shot down by a machine gun burst from a motorized infantry jeep. Again the joy.
But then the Undead crowd appears. The soldiers trying to shot back and move away from the Undead. When they kill the Undead, it immediately replaced with another one. And killed Undead resurrected by the Mage of Fel.
They try to use the machine gun against the Mage of Fel. But Mage of Fel creates a green shield around himself and remains untouched. So, soldiers retreat to the park.
In the park, they found out that they encircled with Undead coming from all streets around. They shoot their last ammo and realized, there is no hope for them to stay alive.
The Undead come closer. And suddenly…

The blue sparkle appears and the Master Mage coming from it. He immediately cast white shield on himself and on the soldiers. His next cast produces a chain of thunder and all Undead around become really dead… forever. Only the Mage of Fel still stand. It’s a buttle one on one.
Mage of Fel cast his green beam towards the Master Mage, but shield strong enough to protect him. Master Mage become angry and started to cast something serious.
Mage of Fel tries to save himself by resurrecting Undead around him, but the fireball which was thrown by Master Mage turns all Undead into the ashes and Mage of Fel becomes a green fog.
Special Forces soldiers are shocked from what they have just seen. Human Mage removes the shields and walks towards the soldiers. One of the soldiers rise his weapon, but their Captain makes a sign to put the weapon down. The Mage takes something from his mantle and gives it to the Captain. Captain looks in his hand and sees the white pigeon figure made from a bone (or any other figure, which could symbolize peace).

We are in the headquarters again. Captain returned back and told about what happened to the generals and to the President. He showed them the pigeon figure and wondering what does it mean?
– Definitely, it’s a good sign, and it looks like an invitation…
Unexpectedly another soldier runs fast to the generals. He saying, that the Horde stopped their movement to the city, and they regroup and turned to the north.
Another screen switched on with a new urgent message from Special Forces, who were sent to the Horde base to make some diversions.
– Sir, we were searching around and we were spotted by the Horde troops. Trolls and Orks attacking us, we have casuals!…
On the screen on the background, we see the battle is going on. Orks and Trolls attack. Unexpectedly they got arrows in their bodies, in the knees, and in their heads, and they fall dead.
From the forest nearby coming elves scouting group with the King. USA soldiers don’t know what to do, they ask from headquarters for the orders.
– Sir, we see undetermined forces, they fight against the Horde and seems like they… win. What should we do?

And the President screams in the screen
– Go out of there! Do not contact with the undefined forces! Return back to the base!

Soldiers retreating shooting back in Orks. The last Orks falling dead killed with arrows and the King sword …

For the Alliance!

(I was playing for the Alliance in all the time)

In the USA headquarters, the decision to send the delegation to the Blue Portal was made. From the video, they now know, that these “high people” speak some strange language. That’s why expert linguist, diplomats, and the President were included in the delegation. People were against the idea of the President taking part in a delegation, but he was stubborn.

The delegation inside army jeeps approaches to the Alliance forces location. Jeeps driving along a quickly built village with already cultivated fields.
There are barracks built for the soldiers. On the horizon, the forest is actively cut for new buildings.
Jeeps moving towards the blue portal. Workers stop their work and look on the jeeps.
Jeeps reaching a big building near the portal. This is the Alliance headquarters. Delegation going out from vehicles.
The Alliance soldiers stay around being ready for anything. But Master Mage coming out of the building to meet the delegation and suggest them forward him into the hall.

In the hall, all Alliance representatives sitting near the big oval table, and the King, who returned back already, sitting and waiting for the delegation. Master Mage sits near the King.
And the delegation sits on the opposite side. The King and the Mage started whispering about something. Everyone else just looking on each other.
President asks linguist
– What are they talking about?
Linguist response
– Well, it’s hard to determine their language group, looks like some ancient variety of Latin…

Master Mage rolls his eye, make a sound with his fingers and say
– Hello there!
And suddenly everyone understands him (magic).

Here it’s possible to imagine some interesting conversation between the delegation and the Alliance. The King explains the situation and about the Fel, the Horde and about many existing worlds. He explains, that they have arrived in order to protect this world from the Horde. Delegation tells about their situation and about the nuclear weapon.
Master Mage wants to hear more about the nuclear weapon because he never heard about such powerful thing.
The scientist from the delegation explains everything. And he tells, that this is their last chance but after using such weapon there would be radioactive cloud and rain.
Main Mage thinks, that radiation could be mixed with Fel and then such rain could resurrect a lot of Undead from the nearby cities.
In the end, they decided to combine all forces together and try to beat the Horde, by combining the Alliance magic and human tech.

Humans of the Earth temporarily included to the Alliance.

The Final Battle

We see the Horde army on the march along the New York City, to the north. The crowd of undead became much bigger, and all remaining forces from the base joined the army.
The Horde realized, that Alliance came to this world and want to stop them. Orks decided to beat the Alliance first.

The Horde moving in the field and finally reach some smog screen on the opposite edge of the field. Orks stopped with confusion.
Horde leaders decided to send scouts on gargoyles to the smoke screen. Gargoyle flight into the smoke. Inside the smoke, Orks see two blue flashes, then hear gargoyle scream and then sound of something fall on the surface. And the silence again.
Now Orks even more confused…

(and now the best epic soundtrack starting and the epic battle started which could be stretched to the last 30 minutes of the movie)

From the smoke appear tanks and motorized infantry. The Alliance soldiers sitting on the tanks. Jeeps are driven by human soldiers and dwarfs with rifles sitting on the back.
In the air from the smoke appear helicopters, griffins and air fighters in the sky, above them. In the helicopters sitting soldiers and elve with their bows.
Some griffins are armored. The Alliance rider rules the griffin, and behind his back, there is a soldier with the machine gun attached to the griffin armor.

And all this armada moving toward the Horde. Now volleys of guns are starting everywhere from tanks, and gnomes riffles and whistle of elves arrows, the white flashes made by Mages and their fireballs, and helicopters shoot their rockets. The Hell starts in the Horde rows. Orks weren’t expected such massive rush against them. A lot of Mages of Fel even not cast their shields and were destroyed with everything around them. First rows of Orks and Undead put down immediately.

The Horde comes to life. Green shields established and the Orks run into the battle with the roar and rage! Trolls throw their pikes. Gargoyles mix with helicopters and griffins in the sky.
Alliance have their first casuals, which immediately become Undead. The epic battle continues.

(And here I would like to leave the battle description to the real movie scriptwriters. I see epic potential here even more than in the last battle in the Lord Of The Rings movie)

Finally, with the huge loss, Alliance win the battle. The movie moves to its end. Some crying about the loss of their friends, some enjoy the victory.
Alliance break into the Horde base and destroys everything with help of helicopters and jet fighters. The Horde is defeated and some part runs back into their red portal.

Tha Mages of Alliance create a blue shield around the red portal.

Then the final conversations begin. They speak with each other like it usually happens at the end of such movies. Alliance says that their mission here accomplished and they would go.
The Master Mage gives some artifact to the President and says, that this is key to the portal and he could use it if something bad would happen.

The President says:
– We have won. I don’t think that we would need this.
The King say:
– We have won the battle for only one of the worlds. First, they came to our world and we beat them. Then they came to yours and we beat them again. But it will never end, they will come again if we would not destroy them all…
The King ride the griffin, say goodbye and flies away.

The President looks at the griffin figure and say
– It’s pity that they leave…
Later the soldier comes to the President and generals.
– Sir, they have closed the portal…
– The red Horde portal?
– Nope. They have closed their blue portal and they have not entered it before.
– But then where did they go ???

On the screen we see the Alliance army standing behind the Horde red portal. The King on the griffin flies towards the portal.
The Mages remove the blue shield from the red portal and Alliance soldiers moving into the portal. The King on the griffins flies into the portal.
We see his face on the screen in the red light. A camera placed on the other side of the portal, so we look like through the portal. The King with other griffins approaches the portal.
And he screams

Epic. Soundtrack. Captions.

(everyone excited, I’m excited too about I have finished this text :))

P.S. From the ending it’s clear, that this is an allusion to the next part of the movie. In the next part, as you can guess, Alliance forces appear in the Horde world in order to beat them finally or defeat the Fel. And of course, Alliance somehow would lose the battle. Then Master Mage decides to call for a help from the humans of Earth with their nuclear weapon. Given to the President artifact came in handy, and a little bit of nuclear weapon too.
But that’s another story…