Ubuntu Realtek RTL8723AE driver fix and slow wifi speed fix

After buying a new laptop, I spent a lot of time with the Internet on . And I did manage to solve the . There were frequent connection breaks and the internet speed was very slow. At first, I was thinking about buying a new router, but at the same time under Windows 8 everything worked with a bang.

UPD. 05.2017

Before you will continue with steps below – I recommend installing the newest driver.

After that, you could do all steps described below with config write to file and reboot.

First of all, we need to determine the driver model. I knew that I have  so I google for it.


I have found that another versions such asRTL8723СE, RTL8723BE, RTL8723SE have the same problem.

So, what we gonna do? The most advice that I have found were about to build some half-official driver from Realtek or official patched driver because originally it builds for old kernel.
It’s good that I haven’t managed to build it (but I even haven’t tried).

The problem was solved much easier.

After that, I hadn’t any connection problems. And the internet speed became fast as expected.

In order to use options with every boot, they need to be saved.

That’s it.

Let’s look what we have done.

And parameters explanation

That’s a .

UPD: solution for Qualcomm Atheros AR9285

And for MSI just add -msi=1 option.