locations of entites

This is another summary task given by my English teacher. He found a very informative tech magazine, called Open Source for You, which introduces a lot of useful and modern tech content. And this time the summary will be about natural language processing, especially about information extraction technique used by search engines and about a knowledge database canonicalization problem. It’s a very interesting topic for me and I’m thankful to my teacher for giving me such interesting topics for my writing.

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2gis map

As a very active Android user, I use a lot of applications and a huge part of them are maps connected applications. Some of them help me find a way or some places, some are useful for finding information about companies, some give more information about transportation. Because currently, I’m living in Russia, I’m using Russian company’s apps such as 2gis and Yandex mobile map apps and in this article, I will compare them.

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gopnik suda idi

Не пизди и не пиздим будешь

It’s a Russian phrase with which you can have difficulties to explain it to native English speaker. First of all, you should explain the meaning of the words ‘пизди’ and ‘пиздим’ based on the word ‘пизда’.
So, ‘пизда’ is a Russian rude slang word to name vagina, a women sexual organ. This word has stress on the first syllable like ‘пИзда’. Usually, it used when a person angry or wants to emphasize the emotional context of something.

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