What is more important – enjoyable job or a lot of money?

Enjoy Earn Money

Some people argue that it is more important to have an than to earn . In this article, I will try to discuss these opinions and give my own.

Enjoy Earn Money



First of all, I should stress out the importance of education. Nowadays education is a key, and depending on the kind of key you have determined the doors which you can open. Wonderfully, but a lot of people don’t know about this obvious fact. And most of them don’t choose the key deliberately. Some of them got their key just in purpose to have any. Some of them got it because their parents wanted to give a specific key for their children. There are many circumstances that could possibly influence on which key a person will have at the end of his education cycle, from the beginning of primary school to higher education (like a bachelor, master of Ph.D.).
But the truth is that there is no real end.

If we will end with “door and key” metaphor, we can remember, that there are also a lot of examples when somebody changes his own degree course to another specialization or get another one. But usually in the beginning of education way people don’t know what they want to do with their life. That’s why people can ultimately argue about having an enjoyable job or a lot of money generally occurs. For those whose lucky a lot to choose consciously their own path and what education to have since the beginning, there are no problems and no arguments, just some kind of harmony.

According to some surveys provided, there is no strong correlation between success and education. Sometimes there are other factors and a bit of luck, but in general, education helps make life a lot easier.

To put stress on the fact that learning is endless, let’s remember one popular nowadays phrase “Never stop learning”. Those people who understand this phrase not only like motivation but also like a rule for their whole life, usually always succeed in what they are doing. For those, who even never heard this phrase, I have some bad news. We are all living now in a so-called the information era. The human civilization now leads by automation, information, and technologies. The only way to succeed in our world is always learning. And it doesn’t matter if it is for a degree only, learning should be for a life.

There is no end in self-development. The only limits are people weaknesses like laziness and stupidity. And of course person’s death. But even being in a very elderly age is not a problem and no limits exist to learn another one new language or get another degree.

Let’s finally define education in a complex of all processes that give a person new knowledge and skills. Education is not only getting a degree, education is equivalent to self-development. Schools and universities mission is to give a person the fundamental basis and teach a person how to learn. But it is not enough to open the doors that can bring wealth and thrive to a person’s life. After graduation, the long journey of education should only begin. If it didn’t, then we should move to the next topic.



“Have I said before that education is a key for whatever you want? So why are you moaning now, why are you complaining? You choose your destiny by yourself when you always decide to watch TV or play games instead of reading a book or practice in some skills. Relax, and enjoy your comfortable seat in one of-of the cells, inside a huge office building owned by a company which hired you. At least they give you this opportunity. Relax, and enjoy the monotonic sound of working machines at this factory where you work. Be strong and put more effort in your next move, when you will continue working with your shovel. ”
This is what I want to say to all people who don’t have the possibility to decide where to work and what to do. To those people who have the only commitment to follow orders of those, who have learned more.

Job satisfaction is very important part of any person life. Usually, a person spends a huge part of life in the workplace. A person who’s unsatisfied with his work can feel stress and be nervous. And this state could produce negative impact to other spheres of his life like family, health and etc. The job should at first generate income to the employee, money is very important, but it’s not all that person needs for happiness.

What points can describe the enjoyable job?

  • You love this job
  • You want to do this job even for free
  • Your job is your hobby
  • Job gives you a lot of opportunities to grow and realize yourself
  • Job gives you a lot of money
  • With a lot of money that job gives you, you can work less and spend time to do what are you really love

The last point shows that there is no contradiction between enjoyable job and enough money income. One can lead to another or include both at the same time. Ideally, all mentioned points should be presented. In real life, a lot of people will be happy to have at least a half of them.





I think that there is no problem to have both – the joy and the money. People who don’t enjoy their job should change something. People who suffer from poverty should seek for a better place with better opportunities. People who can’t afford for themselves neither of joy or money should first start to believe and look at the bigger image. The World is big and who knows what road will lead to the right door. The only way to recognize the road is “Never stop learning”, be hungry, ambitious and have strength to fight for future.

Thank you for reading! This article was written for learning purposes because I’m attending lessons.